Hello skateboard fans, what you see here is my take on recycling. About a month ago I was passing a building that was being gutted. I saw this wood and asked the guys if I could take some wood from the trash pile. They said sure and I filled my van with all kinds of wood. Some of it was for building my kids a half-pipe and the rest was just project wood. Last week I decided to use a piece of wood from the cabinets they we ripping out of the building to build a skateboard. I have a bunch of prototype boards I am working on right now but I wanted to actually have a finished board to see what I could build. I had a vintage oak blank skateboard that I used to shape the front Ĺ of the board. For the back half, I just drew strait lines to the tail and the rear diamond shape came from the fact that I cut the wood at 45 degrees to get as much skateboard as I could from this piece of wood. I cut the board with a jigsaw, shaped it on my little belt sander and drilled the holes. I sanded it to 400 and used some Trans-Tint blue aniline dye mixed with water to stain the board. The aniline brought out some beautiful quilting in the veneer (I have no idea what wood this is). I sanded it back with some 400 and taped it for graphics. I used spray pain in black lacquer and gold metallic lacquer. I hit it with black first then faded gold on each side. The MotoNut graphic came out perfect. I decided to mount a set of Gullwing SL2002 that I powder coated metallic gold (I was trying to get that gold look that the original Gullwing H.P.G. IV split axels came in, but it came out too gold in color). The gold matched the graphic perfectly. I put clear orange 3DM Avalons wheels with Bones Reds bearings. I cut the grip tape to that vintage dye-cut look. This is officially my first finished board and I am stoked with the final result. This wood was headed to rot in the dump but now itís a sweet looking old-school board. Recycling is not just about a bunch of hippies bringing cloth bags to get groceries or basket people cashing in cans for their next bottle of reality suppressant, itís about using stuff that other people are absolutely certain have no use.

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